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Innovative Financial Services Plans

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Mar 1, 2016

Life Insurance & Annuity Plans

Innovative Financial Services Plans


Why do I need Life Insurance? Even a young single person has a need for a life insurance plan to provide funding for statements made in your Will. One cannot die for free. Final Expenses, Estate Taxes, Probate and providing for the survivors. There are many types of plans based upon Whole Life, Universal Life and Term Life. No one particular plan is absolute for each person and their situation in life. The "prime time" to establish such a plan is when one is young and in good health. These factors will enable one to take advantage of the best rates and preferred underwriting consideration.

None of us plan on dying at any certain age. But LIFE happens and so should the planning for the unexpected be put into place while having an opportunity to receive all the best considerations for your plan. A thought to consider is from this saying: "If every wife knew, what every widow knows, no home would be without adequate life insurance."

Sawyer Insurance Services was established in 1979 providing many clients over the years with professional, quality plan designs using any number of companies. In fact, our resource allows our access to seventy (70) top companies that you have come to know and respect. These companies offer quality Financial Services plans for every need. My clients enjoy my assistance to help them design a plan that they own and control. Contact our office to inquire about these plans. It only takes a brief interview to obtain some information so a proposal can be prepared. Our agency services clients in TX, AR and AZ. Give us a call today.


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