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      Date: Nov  6, 2013
     Title: Business - Commercial Insurance
Experience of 35+ years in commercial and business insurance.

Commercial & Business Insurance are programs that require good underwriting information. The coverage of the risk in all aspects can save or break the venture. No business owner or commercial insured wants to hear the words "Sorry, you're not covered for that" when a claim is made. Using all of my training, experience and knowledge over the years since 1979, provide for the client to have an understanding of the exposure needs that will be required to be addressed when submitting the application for coverage. The ISO Classification codes are based upon varying categories of premium basis factors. Every classification has a specific factor. Sawyer Insurance Services (SIS) strives to provide the most accurate, professional information about these valuable coverage plans to make sure you have the most information allowing you to make your most intelligent decision about building the coverage plan for your needs. SIS looks forward to working with you on your next new business venture or an existing business plan upgrade. With over fifty (50) companies to work with, placement will be in the best market available.