Categories: General
      Date: May 11, 2015
     Title: Earth Quake & Flood
Earth Quake and Flood coverage

As this spring of 2015 has already revealed, there are more violent storms and earth movement is many areas of the Southwest. Torrential rains have caused flash floods damaging many homes and displacing people. Many of these people will have nothing left and no way to recover their lives.

Earth Quakes in North Texas are more frequent with research continuing to determine the cause. When an area is affected by a sudden earth movement, the resulting dmage is not covered on a homeowner or commercial property.

At Sawyer Insurance Services (SIS) we have the companies that provide this type of natural event coverage so people can recover, even when they have lost everything. Call us today to discuss this plan. There is a 30-day wait period on each policy type before coverage takes effect.