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Dallas Automotive Insurance, Garland Auto Insurance


Rating today's auto insurance has changed significantly from years past. Gone are the days an agent could throw a rate out there and usually make it stick.  In today's market, the rating process takes more detailed information for calculating rates.  The Texas Department of Insurance sets up the insurance guidelines for all admitted companies to follow. Many companies also offer additional discounts for allowing them to insure your home along with your automobiles.

Sawyer Insurance Services has been in the Garland area since 1979 and is here to help you understand your auto insurance so we can help you qualify for the best rates possible. We ask for information that allows us to be able to obtain the most accurate proposal with as many of the discounts that are available. Your personal information is always protected. Please give our office a call so we may take a few minutes to see how you qualify for one of our many companies. You'll be glad you did!  We look forward to working with you.

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