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With the automation of insurance procedures in underwriting, policy service and forms, the CLAIMS process is now added into this ability. Most all of the companies that Sawyer Insurance Services places business with require the FIRST REPORT OF CLAIM to be made by the insured. This is due in part to help expedite the process with the report as the insured who is involved will have to speak with the claims office and so it is preferred that this person make the claim report preferably by phone. If other circumstances arise that prevent the involved party from making that report, the claim may be turned in by another person, but soon the claims adjustor will need to speak with that person direct so the exact specifics are obtained.

To expedite this process the 24-hour claims office number is usually on the issued policy and it is also listed below beside the major companies that most insurance is written through. If there are other questions please call the office number and leave a message so an agent may contact you at the next opportunity.

America First 1.800.269.4596
CNA 1.877.724.2669
The Hartford 1.866.467.8730
Safeco 1.877.538.1920
Travelers 1.888.661.3938
Progressive 1.800.776.4737
Zurich 1.866.972.7378

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