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Commercial Insurance is not a field of insurance that is learned over night. The training is an ongoing process through working with clients to classroom training with intense study. On the face of this type of plan, it would seem it is fairly easy to write up a plan for coverage. But behind the face of the process is the knowledge of claims and endorsements that make up the commercial coverage and what guides the need for the various areas of protection.

There are several parts to each category of coverage that are written as a result of national and international business relations and law as well as the jurisdiction over certain types of claims. Sawyer Insurance Services has been licensed since 1979 being trained, experienced and knowledgeable in Commercial Insurance. Also holding a license from the Texas Department of Insurance as an adjustor for General Liability and certain types of Property Claims, provides the inside knowledge of coverage needs for national and international business operations. More businesses now operate with an "Internet" exposure. That is an "International Network" exposure for inside the United States and around the world.

When a claim occurs outside the United States, different laws and claims adjusting procedures are then activated. Knowing how to write the proper coverage is not something a new agent will readily understand or why. It is a very complex legal process that many clients are never involved with. Only experienced agents should be working with clients in the commercial field.

Small Business, Large Business, Liability, Property, Commercial Vehicles, Workers Compensation, Alternative to WC, Excess Liability, Umbrella coverage and more. If this all seems too much for you then call our office today so we may work with you on your business insurance needs and take the worry off your mind. We look forward to working with you!

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