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One of the most important areas of insurance protection begins with a solid foundation of fiscal protection. "If every wife knew what every widow knows, no home would be without adequate life insurance." Since 1979 the Sawyer Insurance Services agency has been providing innovative and quality life and annuity plans for personal, business, funding WILL statements, maintaining family lifestyle, survivor education needs, estate taxes and final expenses. There has never been a situation yet where I've delivered a benefit check and the survivor stated that the amount was too much. A plan that is based upon solid need and desire to not burden survivors is something very much appreciated. Assisting our clients with the funding for their goals, needs and long-term plans is what we do. By gathering all helpful information, we then design a plan for one or more to own and control. You then have designed a plan that you own and you control, that will benefit your needs for a temporary period of time or for the rest of your life. NO ONE PARTICULAR PLAN OR CONCEPT will meet your 100% needs. There are different types of plans for different needs. That is why the interview is so important. Plans for adults and young people, homeowner and business owners, KEY MEN and more.

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