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Home & Property Insurance

The homeowner insurance market in Texas has undergone tremendous change in the last several years. The Texas Department of Insurance establishes the rules and regulations for the admitted companies to operate by and also states the eligible discounts and credits that may be offered. That way no one admitted company has any more advantaged plan than any other similar admitted company.

Our many companies available through Sawyer Insurance Services are well recognized, reputable and fiscally secure companies that provide the best policy and claims services. Sometimes clients do not realize just how much these changes have been done for the better.

At Sawyer Insurance Services we invite you to speak with one of our experience and knowledgeable agents so we can show you how you may qualify for the better companies and rates as well as many of the discounts. Please give our office a call so we may help you. The process only takes a few minutes. The information we ask for is never shared and is only used for underwriting purposes. Your personal information is protected.

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