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Earth Quake and Flood coverage

Artisan Contractors Liability AR, AZ TX
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This coverage is one of need for all persons and families. Health Insurance itself is a complex type of plan that requires almost exclusive devotion from the agent to stay abreast of the plans, changes, laws, regulations and rating. Coverage can be purchased for a short period of time such as six months or for a long-term major medical plan.

Because of the reasons just cited above I partner with a Registered Health Underwriter who practices this line of business exclusively. Her name is Louanne Trebing and is located in Garland. She has an equal number of years in her agency as I have in mine and trust all that she does in her work with my client referrals. Louanne is able to provide proposals with the top named, well-known companies and will properly advise on the benefits and type of plan that is appropriate for each and every case.

Give my office a call so I can gather basic information that Louanne will need to begin working with you and then she will be in contact with you to obtain any further information and to then complete the process. You’ll be happy to work with our office and with Louanne.



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