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Legal Shield

Do you often wish you had an attorney you could call at a moments notice to talk with about some issue?  Do you know what you would do if you suddenly received suite papers?  What will you do if your identity is stolen?  What if the IRS calls you in for a friendly audit?  Do you have an attorney you can call if you're stopped by the police day or night?

An Individual Family Plan for these services and more will run $26 per month, if you add Identity Theft it is an additional $9.95.  The company that has first offered Identity Theft recovery protection is a Legal Shield.  Having a firm of lawyers, not just one, that specialize in any area of subject matter that you have a need is available.  Family issues, and civil issues.  Criminal too.  The IRS is usually more cooperative when they learn you have a tax attorney that is going to be there with you.  And a FREE Will for the applicant, $20 for each member named.

As a Small Business Owner you can also protect your business for up to 49 employees and all the needs for that small business owners have in every day operation, as well as providing family protection too, for #$75 per month.

I am an associate for Legal Shield.  Many of my clients have found the value in having this service available to them.  To learn more or to request an application and brochures please contact my office.  You may also go to www.GreatLegalBenefit.com and learn more there.  You will be glad you did.  A thirty + year old company that is financially solid and respected nationwide.

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